Troubleshoot problems your car has been presenting prior to a service or repair. Explore our advice section here to help in diagnosing what may need repairing on your car.

Clutch kit

Your clutch should be replaced for four main reasons:

1. Normal wear and tear where the clutch is worn out and slipping.
2. Hard to select gears.
3. Noisy release bearings i.e. noises when you apply the clutch.
4. Juttering i.e. normally caused when oil leaks onto the lining of the clutch.

Timing Chains

Timing chains are changed according to manufacturer's specifications relative to mileage or age. They are also checked for abnormal noises during servicing. Failure to change the timing chain at the correct interval, or if abnormal noises are detected may result in engine failure.

Suspension / balljoints / shockabsorbers

The suspension units maximises the friction between the tyres and the road surface to

1. provide steering stability with good handling.
2. ensure comfort for all passengers.

At the time of servicing the engineers will report any repairs required to the shock absorbers, balljoints or suspension  units on your car and replace parts as necessary for maximum driving safety.

Steering and Tracking

Worn steering parts will cause abnormal tyre wear and therefore affect how your car drives and handles. The engineers will change any steering components required to ensure full safety and re-align the steering to stop abnormal tyre wear.


A crucial part of safe road use, our team inspect tyre tread depth and condition. We recommend  Dunlop, Continental, Pirelli and Good Year as reliable brands. If our inspection uncovers uneven wear on tyres we will re-aligne your steering and if need be replace tyres thus extending the life of your tyres and ensuring your car is safe to drive.


In recent years fuel economy and the issue of emissions has become a priority to motorists. At Terry Jackson Motors we use the most up to date technology to ensure that your vehicle is running as economically as possible.

Car Diagnostics

All modern cars are now fitted with several onboard computers that control and monitor engine management, ABS (anti lock brakes) and airbags. When a fault occurs in any of these a light will show on the dashboard of your vehicle. Staff at Terry Jackson Motors constantly update the computer diagnostic equipment which allows us to identify and rectify these and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.